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Best Books For GPSC Police Inspector 2024 Exam

The Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) Police Inspector examination is a highly competitive test that requires dedicated preparation and the right study materials. To excel in this exam, it’s crucial to choose the best resources that cover a wide range of topics and provide comprehensive information. We will explore some of the best books for GPSC Police Inspector 2024 exam preparation, with a focus on the following publications:

  1. 10000+ Objective MCQs with Explanatory Notes for General Studies” by Disha Publication: This book is a treasure trove of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and detailed explanations for various topics related to general studies. It covers subjects like Indian history, geography, economics, and more, making it an excellent resource for the GPSC Police Inspector aspirants.
  2. Objective General English by Arihant Publication: Good command of the English language is essential for any competitive examination. This book by Arihant Publication is an ideal choice for enhancing your English language skills, covering grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and more.
  3. Gujarati Vyakaran ane Sahitya by Kiran Publication: For those candidates who prefer to take the GPSC Police Inspector exam in the Gujarati language, this book by Kiran Publication is an indispensable resource. It focuses on Gujarati grammar and literature, helping candidates score well in this section.
  4. General Studies Manual Paper-1 by Arihant Publication: General Studies Paper 1 is a crucial part of the GPSC Police Inspector exam. This manual by Arihant Publication is designed to provide comprehensive coverage of various topics such as Indian history, geography, polity, and more, making it a must-have for your exam preparation.
  5. Handbook of General Studies- Paper 2 by Spectrum Books: Spectrum Books have a reputation for producing high-quality study materials. This handbook focuses on Paper 2 of General Studies and covers topics such as current affairs, science and technology, and environmental studies.

While these books serve as excellent primary resources for GPSC Police Inspector exam preparation, it’s essential to complement your studies with other relevant materials, including previous year question papers, mock tests, and online resources.

Here’s why each of these books is recommended:

  • Disha Publication’s book provides a vast collection of MCQs with explanations, making it an excellent practice resource.
  • Arihant Publication’s “Objective General English” is indispensable for enhancing your language skills.
  • Kiran Publication’s “Gujarati Vyakaran ane Sahitya” is crucial if you plan to take the exam in Gujarati.
  • Arihant Publication’s “General Studies Manual” covers Paper 1 comprehensively.
  • Spectrum Books’ “Handbook of General Studies” is invaluable for Paper 2 preparation.

Remember, success in the GPSC Police Inspector exam is not just about the number of books you read but about how effectively you utilize these resources.

Create a well-structured study plan, practice regularly, and revise consistently. These books, along with hard work and dedication, will undoubtedly help you achieve your goal of becoming a GPSC Police Inspector in 2024.

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